Sensor Supply for Industrial Plants

In the facilities, sensor production, development, control and communication infrastructures and software are made for the parameters required for measurement and monitoring. The sensor supplied parameters are as follows:

  • Level-Distance
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Gas


Carbon dioxide

Hydrogen Sulfide

Carbon monoxide


  • Moisture
  • Conductivity
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • pH
  • ORP
  • Flow
  • Color
  • Movement

Solving Customer Problems

Palsens carries out an innovative and R & D based work in order to find the most appropriate solution to the problems of customers. With these studies, it develops and manufactures products that make life easier and solve problems. We can show the following example application in this study.

Sample Application: In a bovine farm, dairy cows are ventilated and sprayed with water for cooling before, during and during milking in order to increase milk yield. Since the system was manually operated, it was often forgotten on or off, and it was not known how much water consumption was caused by the systems or whether it was operating at the right time, or whether the correct amount of washing was performed.

Solution: Upon a request from a dairy farm, our team carried out a short inspection on the farm and designed a system in which water control was performed with a solenoid valve and air temperature was controlled by temperature sensors within a week. The system, in accordance with international norms, decides for how long and how often to operate the washing system according to the air temperature and records energy and water consumption. In addition, in case of any trouble, it gives an alarm and warns the users and enables manual intervention.

The result: The washing system on the farm is now free of human errors, providing energy and water consumption and optimizing milk yield.

Apart from Palsens measurement systems, all kinds of special production electronic card designs and mechatronic systems are produced.

Some case studies;

  • Automation for the management of exhaust systems of gas engines (with damper engines)
  • Dosing automation for pools or tanks

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