PalSens Pressure C12

PalSens Pressure C12

This meter with waterproof sensor is available in plug-and-play mode with an IP67 box and 5 digit LED indicators of 38 mm.

This system, which measures with Teflon diaphragm transmitter, has an output for automation. Data transmission is available as 4 – 20 mA or RS485 on request.

Usage places

Teflon diaphragm can measure liquid particles with particles.

PalSens Pressure A12 Properties
Serial number C12-1802131219-X
Model PLS-C12
Measuring Range 0…4 bar (Suitable transmitter for desired range is provided)
Sensor Cable Length 1…100 m
Measurement Accuracy


≤ % 0,5
AC 100 V – 240 V – 50 Hz
Power Input


0,077A / 1,0A @ 12V DC
0,012A / 0,025A @ 220V AC
Rated Current Max.


4-20 mA or RS485
Data transfer IP67

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