Operation of Biogas, Electricity and Fertilizer Plants

Operation of Biogas, Electricity and Fertilizer Plants;

The construction, installation, assembling, maintenance and repair of the plants under optimum conditions is very important and operation is also very important. A biogas plant consists of three stages in terms of production.These stages are biogas production, electricity production and fertilizer production. Each production stage can be considered as a plant. Therefore, the operation of the plant is important.

Due to our technology network with our expert, trained and experienced staff, biogas, electricity and fertilizer plants have a sustainable operation with high efficiency, availability and profitability.

Within this scope, Pales Technic provides services for operation of the facilities as follows:

Specialist Supply

In this context, a full-time process and an electrical plant specialist are employed in the plant. These experts have received the relevant training in a real-sized plant operation and have the necessary knowledge and experience in plant operation.

Remote Operation

Due to the automation system to be provided by Palsens, as well as experts and other plant engineers, as process operators in Pales Biogas company headquarters, we monitor full-time facilities and remotely control and intervene in the facilities. In this way, the controls to be provided in several stages allow the process to be maintained in maximum suitability.

Yield Improvement

As Pales, although we design and install our plants according to the highest efficiency, we strive to increase plant efficiency with the developing technology and knowledge, knowledge and innovations that Pales R & D team will add to both biological and electro-mechanical stages of the process, update, equipment update and process modification applications. This service is a standard for facilities that receive operational service from Pales Technic and guarantee to increase plant efficiency.

Product Development

As Pales R & D team, we carry out research, product development and positioning studies especially on the fertilizer and the equipment used in the plant. This service is a standard for the facilities that receive operational service from Pales Technic, which increases the competitiveness of the facility in the market and provides the opportunity to act jointly with other facilities. In this way, the plant and investor can act as a whole in the logistics network of fertilizers and equipment as well as pioneering the development of new products alone.


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